SAP BusinessObjects, is the leading BI software application that helps the organizations to gain better insights into their business operations, improving decision making and enterprise performance. We are happy to help our customer’s business intelligence system using SAP Business Objects Consulting. We are utilizing the demonstrated approach to accelerate the installation, configuration and use of SAP BO products.

We are helping the customers in below mentioned SAP BusinessObjects consulting servives

  • Strategy and Architecture:
    We are guiding the customer through the SAP BO product choices to design a system that comes in their budget and gathering all their business expectations. We are helping the customers by providing the outline for their business that maximizes the value of SAP BO installation.
  • Universes:
    The complete self of most BusinessObjects installations are the Universes that are utilized to solidify, compose and total information from different sources into a business-centered data archive. We are encouraging the customer’s BI group to design and develop Universes that are powerful and viable.
  • Dashboards:
    Dashboards are a standout amongst the most exceedingly looked for after components from business intelligence solutions. The capacity to give initially investigation, while supporting drill through route resounds with all data customers. We are helping the lead, oversee, and encourage the production of dashboards for clients of different types.
  • Web Intelligence (WEBI):
    WEBI allows the developers and business users to disseminate information contained within Universes. We help the customers to get the most from WEBI, guiding them through the design, development and delivery process that is critical to a successful WEBI based solution.
  • Crystal Reports:
    Different BI vendors focus around investigation and client characterized detailing. We have discovered that numerous end clients simply require organized reports in ways that make sense for their business function. We can help your organization to plan and create venture reports utilizing SAP Crystal Reports. Further, we can help with the report design, improvement, and lifecycle management of the reports.

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