Actually, the speed of the business depends on the reports which can be easily assessed. VSD technologies have a strong focus on SAP BOBJ solutions. We are an SAP expertise company who provides a business analytics solutions with 360-degree of view. VSD technologies try to let you know the information of your business live by displaying at the dashboard. This clearly means you no longer look at a large amount of data and you can immediately see the information when needed.

We very well understand how to get the best results out of the available resources out of the available resources and we provide a strategic approach for our clients. SAP BusinessObjects offers you a single strong and comprehensive platform to address all your business intelligence needs.

sap bobj solution provider

In today’s dynamic world all the businesses have to be aware of agile in responses to global shift. And SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence is the best. Together with you we also determine what is good for your business and if it benefits you and this is possible because of the working close to you. We are able to make a huge amount of information easily manageable and your company is easily able to take various decisions.

SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence

  • Business intelligence :
    We and our SAP developer team implement changeable, enterprise-wide BI systems to deliver data insight for on-premise, web, cloud, mobile and hybrid platforms. We utilize SAP businessObjects business intelligence to integrate disparate data sources to give decision makers real; time access.
  • Custom dashboards :
    We help you to manage your business critical for best possible sights. Our SAP developers use businessObjects and business intelligence dashboard to design SOA i.e. Service Oriented Architectures and program feature-rich dashboards for data discovery which offer real-time reporting, custom tracking, performance scorecards and many more.
  • Reporting :
    Our developers integrate SAP crystal reports with your diverse software systems to offer you the real-time reporting. We provide it with customized solutions which help you to understand your data quickly. We use SAP Business Objects Implementation and business intelligence cobbled together which gives access to critical data across a mass of the device.

Sap BOBJ offerings :

  • We install all BOBJ collection of products.
  • We implement BOBJ on both onsite and offsite model.
  • We provide training for SAP BOBJ.
  • We also provide SAP BOBJ implementation services.
  • We have a rapid development kit for dash boarding and reporting.
  • BPC and BW offering available with integrated SAP BOBJ solutions.

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