VSD technologies was founded in 2013 by virendra sharda who have a 14+ years of rich global experience and have a successful history of helping the clients formulating and executing any strategies. Now we are the leading experts in providing all types of SAP services and we support all types of small, big and medium companies in regards to introduction, suggestions, updating, migration, implementation, modernization and operation. We are the rapidly growing the sap consulting company. While working with variety of clients we have a focus on utilities. We always try to compete on values not in prices and provide the highest quality service as per international standards. At VSD technologies we address specific business needs, add value and target operating models to improve the efficiency of the business and help to take better business decisions that deliver long-term tangible value.

SAP consulting – All time with you…

You can easily trust on our SAP consulting service as having 14+ years of experience. Here you will discover a great SAP solutions partner who knows SAP consultant India a better way and can help you a lot. And that’s the reason we can fit your SAP solution exactly to your goals and would also be beneficial to your business. Our each and every step is transparent. We also help to train your people; we can manage sap solution at its peak. Whether you want to grow, restructure or migrate our IT team will always with you.

Our offerings :

  • Sap ABAP services
  • SAP BIBO/BOBJ services
  • SAP fiori services
  • SAP implementation and roll out services
  • SAP offshore support services
  • SAP migration services
  • SAP functional services
  • SAP basis services
  • SAP hana services
  • SAP HCM services
  • SAP S4 hana services
  • SAP staff augmentation services

We explicit our dedication… :

We always love what we do for you and your business and have enthusiasm to work with you. From board of directors to software technicians we value each and every relationship and from consultants to our customers we just value to reach your goals. We do all these to implement the business solution and complete each and every project successfully.

We disclose our commitment… :

We take the responsibility fully of your business and take care of it. Our strong workforces in all the countries try to execute every part of project across the national borders and varied business landscapes. We always try to simplify your complex problems so you can run your business more effectively. And our day to day innovation gives you access to the latest business management software, plus mobility analytics, clouds and mobility solutions.

We share our experience and knowledge… :

You will always get more value out of our SAP solutions. Our technology leadership helps you achieve results faster. These include effectiveness, accelerated execution and business process that creates competitive edge. We can together solve the problems and challenges with our rich experience and expertise. As we are the global leader in the SAP consulting service provider you can also rely on us due to our rich industrial experience and financial stability. And you can also refer our track record which is too strong compared to others.

Industries using SAP:

  • Energy and natural resources
  • Mining industry
  • Construction
  • Milk-products
  • Oil and gas
  • Chemical
  • Financial services
  • Banking
  • insurance

Service Industries :

  • Airlines
  • Media
  • Sports and Entertainment
  • Travel
  • Transportation
  • Consumer industries
  • Fashion
  • Life science
  • Retail
  • Wholesale distribution

Mission :

  • Our mission is to always deliver the best possible services as per international standards at excellent values
  • We highly invest in our people so that they share, commit to live in our core values.
  • To complete the given commitment
  • To be India’s best organization offering SAP services

Visions :

  • To be India’s most unique, best and famous service provider as per international quality and standards
  • In our vision results just mean to satisfy the customer at its best
  • We try that our focuses helps our client’s business to be more efficient

Core values :

  • Customer focus
    We always pay attention and care for our customers and try to create a long standing relationship with them to work better
  • Team work 
    We always believe in knowledge of one is knowledge of everyone. And there is nothing like “I” in our VSD techno but there is only “U”. We believe that the key of success is collaboration and unity.
  • Passion 
    We have an extra quality factor that we always think to be one step ahead.
  • Operational excellence
    We have very high skilled consultants with very rich experience of years combined with an innovative business vision and trying to make business more effective and efficient
  • Integrity 
    We are consistently very true to our customers and honest
  • Excellence
    We always strive for perfection in whatever we do.
  • Diversity 
    We always value the diversity of every customer and his/her opinion.

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